Bright Sparks Now Showing on RTÉJr!

Bright Sparks is an all-new series of interstitials in the RTÉJr schedule, featuring nine friendly and unique characters, each of whom have their own special skill sets and intelligences that they use to solve problems, help others, have fun and save the day.

The basis of this electrifying new series is simple: a positive word of encouragement can help change anyone’s destiny. We all have unique gifts and strengths which we apply in order to solve problems, untangle conundrums and help others. Bright Sparks celebrates this.

Each of the nine different characters represents and embodies a different kind of intelligence. These nine intelligences, as defined by Harvard Professor Howard Gardner, are: nature smart, music smart, number/reasoning smart, life smart, people smart, body smart, word smart, picture smart and self smart.

Keep an eye out for the all new series and our wonderful, colourful characters every day throughout the RTÉJr schedule!